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Bench '6 Session Periodization'


Im reasonably new to strength training and after a couple of 5/3/1 cycles Ive got my Bench up to 100x1 (probably slightly more in me).

Short term goal is to get my Bench up to 120x1 and I'm hoping to do this in about 5/6 months. After reading around a bit Ive seen quite a few links to an article on the Iron Dungeon


Just wondered if anyone had any feedback on this or had any better suggestions before I start it?

Thanks and applogies if this has been asked before


100 pounds?


Kilos most likely.

Program doesn't look like anything special, it may work it may not. If you aren't addressing your weaknesses with your accessory work than chances are it's not going to have quite the effect you're looking for.



Re accessory work I've alredy thought about that and it's most likley that my tri's are letting me down as I rarley do any arm work apart from occasional dips/rope pulldown. I've ordered a belt so that weighted dips, skullcrushers (again which I've never done) and narrow bench should help me some improvements in that area.

That said everything is a weakness when I'm only benching 100KGs I guess.

Also would there be any value in having a dynamic day or should I just bench heavy twice a week until I've increased my max a reasonable amount?

Thanks for any advice in advance its appreciated