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Bench 405 with Feet Up and Ankles Crossed!


Here's another challenge you can try to see how much upper body drive you really have.


ha i can bench 405 with my cock up and eyes crossed



you natural?


you natural?


Nah brah, check out his abz and bicepz.





you care?


Why did this forum end up like this?


Thanks for the positive feedback guys! And Romanian, yes I'm natural. Been lifting for a little over 26 years now, so that didn't happen overnight! The only supplement I'm taking right now is creatine, and it's some cheap six-star shit at that!! lol!! I'm sure I could be a TON bigger and stronger if I could afford to take even half of the stuff they sell on here. Hell, I bet you could give an ethiopian even half as much shit as some of these guys take on this site, and he would get huge!!! Ha!he!he! But whatever, if I could afford it, I would probably take it too.


found this on youtube. pretty good if he wasn't such a fatass.


^^^Man he sure is ugly too!


yeah....ugly AND fat.


there's another Outlaw bench meet in january. remember the one in the bar?? i'll be doing it again for shits and giggles.


Well buddy if you wanna get the gang together and head down that way for it, i'll offer up my ride again! Im not planning on doing another real meet for a while, but a bench day in a cowboy bar owned by a tiny asian man sounds pretty good!


Yeah would be impressive. But the elbow sleeves clearly add at LEAST a 100 pounds.


But no wrist wraps...hmmm...


but why do some guys say doing bench like that is total waste of time?


no REAL benchers do it that way.


I'm so confused... can't tell what's sarcastic anymore. Meat, should I bench like this as assistance?


REAL BENCHERS???? What's the difference?? lol!! U wanna talk semantics? Do REAL benchers even arch their back? How long does a REAL bencher pause on his chest? Does a REAL bencher wear those silly sleeves on his arms when he benches? What if he does pin-pin work in a power rack? Is he still a REAL bencher?? GIVE ME A BREAK!!

The only thing I wouldn't call REAL benching these days is this pathetic trend I see everywhere I go, where these "hardcore" guys (and girls) bring the bar MAYBE half way down to their chest, then drive it up again and again and again. That's not a REAL bench people!! That is HALF a bench!! Stop feeding your stupid ego and whining about protecting your shoulders!!

Now benching 475 with your feet up is still damn impressive. And in case you're wondering, I've benched 500 in competition weighing 238 pounds and hit 550 in the gym at a bw of 243. Hence the name!! lol!! I looked at some of your pics meat and you look like a pretty strong dude. I'll have to dig up the video where I SNAPPED a pair of wrist wraps doing partial deads in a power rack from just above my knees with 1015lbs. Good Stuff!! I'll put one up soon of me benching 505 like it was 275 too!

And Grettiron, what's the goal?? You're asking meat if you should be doing that as an assistance exercise? Well, ask yourself this....WHAT DOES IT ASSIST?? If you're using it for bench, does it assist your lockout, your initial drive, where does it fit in?? Since this is a Powerlifing forum, there are probably some strong guys on here.

Look up some stuff about Westside, Periodization, Autoregulation! Figure out what exercises help with, or assist, your bench. I can tell one you can throw in the shitter is kickbacks!! There is a kick ass video series out there by Dave Tate called So You Think You Can Bench! Watch that, learn how to set up and get TIGHT, work on your lats and your triceps, then go bench some heavy weight.

Don't be fooled into thinking that there is some "secret" that everyone else has that you don't. If there is a secret, its that some guys take better drugs than you, or have more money to spend on supplements, or both. It's not rocket science....all you're doing is lifing weights. We aren't brain surgeons here or creating a cure for cancer....we are LIFTING WEIGHTS!! OOOOHHHHHHHHHH...stop the press!! My buddies 3 1/2 year old daughter does that when she works out with her mom sometimes. If you want to get strong, then stop training like a bodybuilder and work on strength. The two are NOT the same!!