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Bench 352 x12 - Jesus Varela



at a body weight of 79 kg


at this body weight? niiice.


352x12 at 175? Fucking insane.


today 170kgx9

again at abodyweigh of 175




Jesus Christ. What's even crazier is that he looked like he had a bit more in the tank in all those vids. Anyone know his max?


Man I'm about his size and was happy with 225 x 12. Good lift


looks like hs best is 205kg (451) and he looks smaller when he did it


it says at the beginning of that video that he was 80kg when he did 205

still beastly


wtf? Damn he looks like he is only capable of hitting 275. Weird


You don't often see a small guy hit a big bench for reps do you? Pretty cool.


Impressive. But, I bet he can't squat those weights.


Wel he is a god ant the bench, quite good...wat is teh actual record in hsi weight class ?


Who gives an eff dude. This isnt about his squat


To put it another way, dude. That is a very impressive feat for his weight. However, I've seen bigger legs hanging out of a nest, that's going to make him a lot lighter than he would be if he didn't just bench.


What the fuck does that have to do with anything? Can you bench what he can? Can you squat what he can bench? How do you know he can't squat that? Quit being insecure and stop hating on this dude. That is freakishly impressive.


thsi is another spanish bencher jose perales
also weights like 84-85 kg(187lbs), here doing 200kg(440lbs) x6 reps

100% natural


^^^ That is the shortest range of motion I've ever seen on a bench. That was maybe 8".


I was busy laughing at the fact that it looks like he got his freakin' girlfriend to lift-off/spot him.

That's some serious confidence in your abilities.