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Bench 1RM Increased 22%

I have some back problems, so I had put my heavy lifting on hold for about a month. Yesterday, when I came back to lift bench for a max, I went from 185lb (my previous max) to 225lb. Just wondering what you guys thought a reason for this could be.

you stoped lifting for a month? or just stoped doing “heavy sets”

if you stoped completley you probably gained strength because your body fully recovered,if you had a spot meaning less tho.

Well first of all, when I was remaxing yesterday, I had a spot, but he didn’t touch the bar, so it wasn’t assisted.

As for my break from lifting, it was more of a stop lifting heavy sets. For example, I would lift the same % of my max w/ the same sets and reps as normally, but I would decrease everything by changing my max to 25lb lower. So… instead of 185 as my max, I would pretend my max was 160 and then do sets (see attached image) as displayed according to which day of the cycle I was on.

I basically also cut out many lifts from my cycle that involved a majority of back strength (jerks, cleans, squats, deads)

I guess it shocked your body into some new strength.

So you went from shit to suck?..

[quote]GT625 wrote:
So you went from shit to suck?..[/quote]

But hey its still progress, in a year or so he will probably be at 300 wich is something most people who lift will never reach.

[quote]GT625 wrote:
So you went from shit to suck?..[/quote]

And it’s the beginners forum… did you really think his bench went from like 300 to 350? Most people that can lift that are not beginners.