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Bench 100kg(220lbs)x90



my supraspinatus hurts after watching this


lol, that IS a lot of reps. but that's like a 4 inch ROM


I think he's using an illegal wide grip too. And he's short.

But more power to him, I don't think I could concentrate on a set that long. I would quit out of sheer boredom.


The most reps I would ever try on anything would be 50. Only exception is trying to beat some record of another person or at a contest of some sorts.


100kg x 45 reps you mean?

Cause all I see there are half-reps.

Yeah, he's strong probably, but that video is not impressive.


same dude benching 200kg


Okay, well let's see you do that many reps then. And by the looks of it, he touches his chest and locks out each rep, so I don't know what you're talking about.



Don't hate just cause someone has great leverages for a certain lift...more power to him


it's like reading youtube comments.


thumbs up


Is his ass off the bench? I can't tell.


is not illegal check this guys reponse to the illegal grip comments


I stand corrected. For what it's worth, I wasn't trying to poop on the guy.


Seriously, who cares if his butt is off the bench, or his grip is too wide??? He is not in a competition, he is just showing crazy rep power at 225. Great stuff! It looks way better than most NFL combine guys, and their butts are WAY off the bench, and they have no care about grip, and they use their chests as mini-trampolines.... and he did more than triple your average NFL combine rep tester....




u mad at half reps brah?




Never said I could do it. Shit, one rep at 100kg is my best time max.

Doesn't change that I don't think it's impressive. For me lifts have an aesthetic component to them too. I'd rather see that dude do 50 clean and good looking reps than 90 of them the kind which look like myself attempting push-ups in junior high school.

The bar seems to move no more than 2-3 inches. If he is locking out this guy must have t-rex arms.

I'm not questioning -his- strength. It's the video that I think is shit.


Let it be noted that you do not give him any "style points" for his video.