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Benanything's Training Log



At 7AM, ran 2KM, was supposed to be 5KM. Twisted my ankle cause a bike almost ran into me. Tried to run a little more but figured I’ll just call it quits and rest.

AT 7:50AM,
20kgs x10
60kgs x5, weights nearly stapled me
70kgs x3
82.5kgs x2x5
Was supposed to do 82.5kgs x7x5 but I felt pretty much fried so I figured I’ll just call it quits

Skipped squats cause right ankle still felt twisted, weight all pushing towards the right side of the feet.

Weighted Pull Ups
10kgs x10x5

do 10kgs x10x5, 3 minute rest between sets



At 6:40AM,
“Warm up” jog of 1KM in 4:33.54.
Walked a little before starting 4 sets of 2 minutes on/off.
Wanted to do 5 sets but I just couldn’t take it anymore. Mind weak, gave up.

slightly later at 7:25AM,
20kgs x10
60kgs x5
70kgs x3
80kgs x1
82.5kgs x7x5

Gotta use a narrower (close grip by the average person’s standard) grip instead of my usual grip, too much stress on my wrist.

Bench was hard, butts was constantly off the bench. To be fair, it’s a pretty short ass bench, it’s like 3 inches below the base of my knee cap. I’m suspecting my drop in bodyweight (80-ish kgs to 73kgs) has at least somewhat changed the mechanics of my bench.

60kgs x3
85kgs x20
Honestly, that was hard as fuck. Lower back was just screaming for me to stop.

Wanted to do weigh we pull ups but I was running late for lunch and stuff so I’ll do them later.



at 3:10PM
20kgs x10
50kgs x5
60kgs x3
70kgs x3
80kgs x2
90kgs x3
90kgs x1
70kgs x10

Was supposed to do 90kgs x8x4 but NOPE. Just feels unsafe to push so I figured I’ll just do some lighter weights and be done with it.

70kgs x5
100kgs x3
120kgs x3, feels pretty fucken heavy, probably because I haven’t deadlifted in god knows how long.
145kgs x0, guess you can’t just try your luck at a double bodyweight deadlift just cause you lost damn near 10kgs.

Weighted Pull Ups
15kgs x5x5
15kgs x3

Wanted to do 15kgs x10x5 but nope. Will just live to train another day.



60kgs x5
70kgs x2x5
80kgs x5
90kgs x3, last rep was one hellava grind
80kgs x5

60kgs x3
oh and then I wondered if I could OHP 60kgs so… I still can. 60kgs OHP with no warm up at a bodyweight of 67kgs, better than expected.
80kgs x3
100kgs x3



20kgs x20
40kgs x10
60kgs x10
70kgs x3x5

Pull Ups

Weighted Pull Ups
10kgs x2x5

Front Squats
20kgs x5
60kgs x3

100kgs x1

As anyone can clearly tell, just testing waters I guess. Will get back into it. Condo gym just got upgraded ‘aka’ the barbell is back.


Finally got around to updating my training log. Shit is all over the place cause… Just cause. Sitting in a jungle freezing my ass off as of writing this.

Haven’t been gyming much but that’s hardly a surprise, now is it? Will try to get back into it more. Probably get onto the weekend only training found here, https://www.t-nation.com/training/effective-training-for-busy-men.

Running still sucks ass, sucks less ass but still ain’t good enough. That’s still of a higher priority soooooo, we’ll see. Running a mid 10 minute 1.5mile, need to get that to sub 9 minutes. Any suggestions from anyone here? Hah.

Combat fitness ain’t too bad so far so at least that’s fine, will try to be slightly more active on here.


Good to see you back! How’s life treating you?


Nice to have to stopping by, Ben.


Eh, smaller and weaker now aha.


I still read your log from time to time haha, just don’t have much to say twas all.


Have you fallen asked in a hole yet? I had a buddy who went through the Singaporean recruit training and told me during a run they lost one of their squad until the sergeant found him asleep in a hole.


I’ve definitely slept in a hole way more than I’m supposed to haha. Sneak away mid run though? Definitely not haha.



20kgs x5
40kgs x5
50kgs x3
52.5kgs x3
55kgs x1
40kgs x2x5

Wasn’t really planning much of a workout. Just passed by the gym after a run. No longer recording runs in the training log just cause.


Well… Will be making some changes real soon. I will basically be retiring this account of sorts. Ain’t particularly sure if it’s against T Nation policy but I’ll be creating a new account and starting a new training log. Basically. Anonymity and job related security clearance etc. I’d like to talk about my training and whatever I do more but I can’t exactly do that if my face/everything is easily visible everywhere eh. For them online friends I’ve made here, don’t worry, it won’t be too particularly hard to identify me haha.