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Benanything's Training Log

Yup, been following your training log and you’ve certainly been putting in the work. Do take care of your back though.

It’s a sad reality I guess I’ll have to deal with.

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Yeah, I have too many past friends that would say shit like that. “I don’t want to get too big.”

Ah thanks! I didn’t bleed, sweat and cry for 7 years to put 365lbs over my head, I just lifted casually in an AC accommodated gym for about 2 months and I woke up jacked and strong…and tan.

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Thankfully, I don’t. I purposely try not to interact with people who seem like they’re susceptible to that kind of shit unless I have to.

Nail on the head. There’s a young bloke at my gym a bit like that. Tons of potential, decent size but a) can’t or won’t understand that getting stronger takes work and b) doesn’t get that what he’s moving isn’t even close to respectable. A buddy and I tried to help him out but had to give up

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It’s always amazing how people think they’re going to get bigger and stronger just by showing up. Like it happens through osmosis.


##It’s all in the wrist.

20kg some for a few
60kgs x2x3
100kgs x3
106.5kgs x2
put on sleeves and belt
106.5kgs x6 belt cutting into me, wrist slightly hurting
106.5kgs x6 wrist hurting massively, belt still cutting into me although not nearly as bad, weight lost must’ve affected my belt hole settings, using lever
106.5kgs x10 changed to my weightlifting shoes, more high bar, less wrist pain, removed

Wasn’t originally gonna do squats but figured might as well practice since this happened.

Messed around with the bar
Did some random power snatches and high pulls for like 15 minutes.

Strongman Training
As usual, didn’t really train much, just facilitated the juniors, demonstrated some deadlifts etc etc.

Learning how to snatch
Well, my friend’s friend who is a Crossfit Level 1 Coach who also teaches fundamentals of weightlifting at her box came over and I basically got a snatch lesson for free. Worked on the starting position, first pull/second pull, high bar and all that shebang. Apparently right now my biggest issues are… Lacking of high pull. Not aggressive enough with the triple extension. Firing off too early. Wrists being somewhat messed up so might not be able to catch the bar correctly when it gets heavy… Basically. I’ve an issue with everything.

##It’s all in the wrist.

Deadlift (PROM - 2 Mats)
60kgs x10
80kgs x10
100kgs x10

Didn’t get to finish my set as I was basically chased out cause the other sports team (Dragonboat) wanted to use the gym and it was their designated timing. That being said I wouldn’t be this annoyed if their coach didn’t say something blah blah safety blah blah.

Like holy shit, me not wearing shoes is a safety hazard? How bout you suddenly asking your rowers to start doing power cleans without actually teaching them. Hell, I doubt he can even do a proper power clean himself. Best part is, he makes them go heavy with improper form (think reverse grip jumping barbell curls) and he doesn’t even give them a rep scheme for the most part. It’s something along the lines of…

switch to the next round of whatever exercise after 1 minute, no rest.

Heavy ass power cleans, AMRAP

Deadlifts, done with improper camel backs, AMRAP

AND THEY WONDER WHY THEY FUCK THEY AREN’T WINNING NO MORE. Oh maybe it’s because 1/4 to 1/2 of your previous batches are on gear and they worked their ass off outside the gym.

Pfffft, I bet he read some T-Nation article about power cleans being good for you and he thought that suddenly incorporating power cleans will be the key to them winning.

We need some better ass strength and conditioning coaches in Singapore.

Oh and rant aside, I’ll just do my deadlifts tomorrow instead. I’m currently attending a 3 day first aid course, today being day 1 and it’s 9 to 5 so it messes with my typical training schedule.

##I’ve been ranting a lot recently and I do sincerely apologize for that.


Injuries make people pissed off. Its normal.

Well, I can’t say I’ve actually noticed until you pointed it out. Can’t wait for me to go back to being able to use my wrist normally. Gonna beat the shit out of my presses right after that.

True story. Helps to be able to channel it, but sometimes, you just gotta let it burn.

##It’s all in the wrist.

Deadlift (PROM - 2 Mats)
60kgs x10
80kgs x10
100kgs x10
120kgs x10
140kgs x10 felt hard as fuck, recorded a video but nah, not gonna upload it
160kgs x1 felt even harder and borrowed my friend’s Wahlanders belt, that’s one sexy ass belt
160kgs x4 still felt hard as shit
160kgs x5 channelled my inner rage, lol and got 5 reps oh and I took off my pants. phone ran outta memory so I didn’t get to record it, luckily, I was wearing my nice sexy boxer briefs

I’m probably just a lil fatigued and tired from the first aid course, it’s day 2/3. Practised a bunch of CPR stuff and boy, it’s annoying. Oh and I might’ve messed up the spring in one of the dummies. To be fair, I did ask them how hard to press and they told me, it’s better to press too hard than too soft… Huehuehue, am I strong now? ahahahahahahah. Good mood, might be the “extra cardio” today.

EDIT : Forgot to add in me not being satisfied with how the reps were broken up/done so I’ll stay on the 2 Mats next week. That being said, I do feel some weird sort of accomplishment feeling whenever I reduce the number of mats.

##It’s all in the wrist.

Single Arm Dumbbell Press
2.5kgs x20
5kgs x20
7.5kgs x20
10kgs x10
12kgs x10
14kgs x8
16kgs x8
18kgs x6
20kgs x5

20kgs x10
60kgs x5 paused last one for a bit
90kgs x5 paused last one for a bit
110kgs x3
125kgs x1
132.5kgs x0

Single Arm Dumbbell Press
12kgs x3x10

80kgs x5 last rep paused for a bit
90kgs x3 all paused

Single Arm Dumbbell Press
12kgs x10

Took a bit of a breather, chat with the guys a bit

Single Arm Dumbbell Press
22kgs x5 right x4 left

##It’s all in the wrist.

Single Arm Dumbbell Press
20kgs x7
22kgs x5
24kgs x3

Quasi Conventional Sumo Deadlift (PROM - 4 Mats)
60kgs x10
80kgs x8
100kgs x6
120kgs x4
140kgs x3
160kgs x3 rep 2 and 3 were done using hookgrip
180kgs x3
used straps from here onwards
200kgs x2x0
190kgs x0
180kgs x0

Well shit, that’s a lot of 0s. Gonna redo 4 Mats next week, maybe I’m just a lil tired.

Video only included 120kgs to 180kgs.

Practised more and I got a PR of 60kgs on the full snatch. Did a bunch of stuff, not gonna write everything down.

Video included 2 of the nicer looking snatches from 20/6 and 2 from today, including the 60kgs PR. It’s kinda pathetic to say but ahahaha, it’s something.

EDIT : Missed out the single arm dumbbell work initially.

##It’s all in the wrist.

Deadlift (PROM - 2 Mats)
60kgs x10
80kgs x10
100kgs x10
120kgs x10
added belt and straps
140kgs x10
160kgs x11

The 160kgs was probably one of the hardest things I’ve done in a while. Hell, I’m actually a little hesitant to call it a deadlift, more like a bounce lift of sorts. But whatever, I got the 10 reps and it’s all about the progression. Feeling awfully dizzy after the set and I felt like I was gonna vomit at least half a dozen times after that.

Strongman Training
Helped demonstrate some bench press technique stuff, wrapped the shit out of my injured hand and did 60kgs x 8 just to mess around with the juniors.

did some sets of 10 up till 50kgs, nothing spectacular.

EDIT : Did 11 reps of 160kgs instead of 10, totally slipped my mind.

##It’s all in the wrist.

clean (read reverse grip bicep curl once for every set
20kgs x10
25kgs x10
30kgs x10
35kgs x10
40kgs x5
45kgs x5
50kgs x0 wrists hurt just getting the bar up

I was like fuck it, got annoyed and called it a day.

##It’s all in the wrist.

tried to bench a bit, did some sets of 10 reps till 60kgs and did 1 rep of 60kgs. 1 rep and my wrist started to hurt, decided to go fuck it and stop, again.

##I think it’s pretty obvious that I’m VERY frustrated when it comes to how my training is going as of right now.

To everyone who reads my training log and would like to share their thoughts/opinion…

Just wondering, is it every justifiable to take time off from serious training just because?

Personally, I’ve injured my wrists and it might be some tendon issue of sorts and it’s pretty much killing my intensity and desire (I want to but whenever I start, I just get frustrated and pissed at myself, example : not being able hold the bar properly for squats etc etc) to train. On one hand, I could probably fight through it, on the other hand, everyone is telling me to take a week or even an entire month off. I’m really conflicted, part of me wants to continue training, another part of me just wants to go fuck it and take a month off or something, in hopes that my wrist will be back to normal once I’m back.


Yes, it is absolutely justifiable to take time off for ANY reason.

Besides, think about it: you’re a pretty motivated and determined individual. If you’re starting to think about taking tike off, the chances are you do need to. You’re injured. You haven’t been dealing with the injury in the most sensible manner (sorry, but it’s true) and it’s catching up to you. Take the time. Get your wrist checked out and fix it.

Since you’ll have an excess of free time, sit down and figure out where you want your lifts to be in a year; then set out how you’re going to achieve that. Not how you’d like to do it, how you know you’ll be able to do it. By that I mean being very, very realistic. Maybe it’ll mean training less often than you think you should, because you know that’s a schedule you’ll be able to keep no matter what. Maybe it’ll mean discarding some exercises because you’ll do better with a narrower focus.

I’m not in any way having a go at you, just offering some advice.

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Definitely, I’ll see to taking some time off soon. Or maybe I’ll just have to control myself more and limit myself to lifts that do not require my hands much, if at all. Can’t say I’m particularly good at dealing with injuries.

Controlling yourself is key.

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