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Benadryl - Sleep

Has any body heard of using Benadryl for a safe sleep aid? My wife is a terrible sleeper, a car 65 miles down the road wakes her up and my snoring just pisses her off! ZMA knocks me out cold about 45 minutes from taking, but not sure if a none lifter should take it, or a girl?? Any other suggestion? Any suggestions to stop my snoring, when I have a few beers I have to sleep in the basement, and I still keep her up!

The active ingredient in Benadryl is what is used in nearly all the over-the-counter sleep aids as well as stuff like Tylenol PM. Probably because it’s a nonaddictive drug. It’ll keep her from sneezing in her sleep and waking herself up, too. :slight_smile:

There is no reason a woman cannot take ZMA. I don’t know whether it would be beneficial, if she doesn’t really workout; unless of course her diet is otherwise deficient in zinc and magnesium.

You also have to consider that not everyone gets the sleep-aid benefit of ZMA, so it might not help her.

I would warn again Benadryl or Nyquil or anything like that for a sleep aid. Generally, those will prevent you from enetering certain stages of sleep and your slumber will not be as restful or productive.

I have heard that 5-HTP at night knocks some people out; which seem to make sense, as it is a derivitive of tryptophan. Warm milk might even help her.

The best recommendation I can make would be Melatonin, which is all natural. Again, though, like anything else, there are some non-responders.

Just have her experiment with a few things, and she may find something that works for her. Hope this helps.

ZMA should be fine for a woman to take, men are not the only ones deficient in Zinc and Magnesium. I have been using Melatonin with pretty good results. The one complaint I have about it is that if I don’t fall asleep after 30-45 min it seems to almost prevent me from falling asleep. But that doesn’t happen often.

I’ve ordered it many times for patients who could not sleep at night at the hospital. Especially the elderly and/or polypharmacy patients. It is so clean of side effects and drug interactions, especially when compared to what is usually ordered–Ambien. A wonderful drug, really.

been using benadryl for 2 yrs. its great as a sleep aid & totally safe & you don’t build up any tolerance.