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Ben White's Back



I might as well include that 505 bench press.


505 BP


WOW!! Absolutely sick.


He has claimed previously he doesn't do deadlifts.


Dude's a tank. What's his comp weight?


I have never seen etched abs like that in that pose =|


The man is pretty huge and also proclaims to be the "greatest", which is a weird thing to proclaim at this stage in his career.


He's representing my gym there =)

I've only seen him in the gym a few times though. Walked in round 6 and he's in there with the owner and goes hi, i'm Ben. I just laughed and said yeah i know who you are!

Only pro i've ever met so it was cool.


isn't this the guy who does predominantly leg presses for his quads? or was that someone else?


is it just me - or does it look like he has a bit of gyno in that double bi pose?!


He HAD gyno but, much like me, had it removed. That was the only decent pic I could find in a rush but he is even bigger now than in that pic and sans-gyno.


That's him.


What gym? In the city?

PM me if you don't mind.


Never would have noticed if Bing hadnt pointed it out.


505 times 9 reps you mean. Bit of a difference :wink:


Cameo pic...with some pale dude.

It looks like I need to work arms some more.


That 505 BP is weak considering I've seen him do 700!


I'm surprised that you're not calling bs on his 505x9 bench.

Just kidding :slight_smile:

He competed as a superheavy in the NPC a year or two ago I think. Not the same as an IFBB superheavy, of course.

I think he's 5'8 and used to weigh 240 or a little above in bb contest condition in 2007, not sure how big he is now,

Btw, here's another image of his back (probably what you were looking for, X?)... http://www.thebiguniverse.com/showstopper/page9.jpg


He did 505 for 9 reps. I wouldn't call that weak compared to his max.


Yeah, I posted before your other post showed up.

So, uh, I retract my previous statement. :wink: