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Ben_VFRs Training Log

Chest + Triceps:

Incline DB Press
Flat Bench Fly
Close Grip Bench Press

Shoulders + Upper Back

BB Shoulder Press
Lateral Raises
Rear Raises


Preacher Curl
Close Grip Bench Press
Barbell Curl
Skull Crushers


Front Squats
Back Squats
Stiff Leg Deadlift



Deadlift/Rack Pull
Pull Ups
DB or BB row
Inverted Rows
Chest Supported Rows

Age: 27
Weight: 175
Height: 5’9"

Background Information:

Trained on and off for 6 years - injury, being inconsistent and other commitments often getting in the way. Sometimes my lower back gives out and I injured my right shoulder in a motorbike accident - which can cause issues with training.

I hopefully finish college at the end of next month - I work two jobs and usually work 6-7 days a week. Training is done at home, I have access to a power rack and 350lbs of weights and a pull up bar.

Main Aim:

-Increase deadlift strength
-Take arms from 15" to 16"
-Keep fat gain to a minimum while gaining muscle
-Increase shoulder and back size


Breakfast: Bacon, sausage, eggs, bread / All-In-One shake w/oats and peanut butter

Meal 2: Chicken and rice w/ veg

Meal 3: Chicken and rice with salad

Meal 4: Chili/Bolognaise/Chicken wraps - whatever me and the mrs have together

Meal 5: Breaded Chicken and Waffles, Pasta boiled egg and sauce - whatever is quick and easy

PWO: 2 Scoops Hurricane XS in water

Tried to make all that stuff clear, I’d really like anyone’s input on improvements I can make to any aspect of diet and training! Good to be back on the forums.



Bacon sausage bread and eggs
Chicken and waffles
Pwo shake
Pasta and chicken
Chicken curry

Back workout today, chest supported rows seem to help me feel my back working more, but as a downside I could barely do anyany pull UPS. Must have worked the Lats well!

Bacon and eggs
Chicken curry and rice
shake with oats and peanut butter
Chili and rice

Front squat 12 10 7 5 5
Back squat 8 6 6 5 10 10 10
Rdl 3x8

Ramped up to a top set on squats then knocked 30kg off and pushed for some extra volume. Grip was really flagging on rdls, might have to get some straps!

big shake
Pasta and chicken
Chicken and waffles
Pwo shake
Pasta and egg
Rice salad and chicken.

Nutrition: big shake
Chicken and rice
Chicken and rice
Pwo shake
Chicken salad and rice

ill probably have something else to eat in here, this is just what I’ve made up for today. Legs aren’t sore yet. That’s either a nice blessing or a nasty curse, felt like I really pushed hard yesterday I’m usually feeling it by now!

Training: Chest Tris

Incline DB Press: 12/10/8/6/2 (36KG was ambitious for me)
Flat flys: 2x15 (10KG)
Close Grip Bench Press: 10/8/6/5/3 (75KG last set)
Dips: 14/7 B/W

Flys are weird in my shoulders but apart from that, a good session.

Day off today:
Big shake
chicken salad and rice
chicken and waffles
Rice and egg
two pieces of battered fish with saladsalad

Sickness bug for yesterday and today, barely eaten anything. Maybe shoulders tomorrow if I can keep some food down

Stomach is feeling alright now, I’ve managed a bacon sandwich and some curry and rice for lunch. I’ll try and get back on training and a good diet tomorrow - onwards and upwards.

Shoulder Press: 10/8/7/5/6 (Ended up around 25KG)
Front raise Side Raise Combo: 8KG, high reps of alternating each until pausing and pushing a few more of each in a straight set out
Rear Delt Raises: 8KG high reps
Shrugs:28KG - 12-18

As far as an upper back crusher goes, this was a good one. Maybe its cause I’m still recovering from being ill but this made me a bit light headed!

Preacher Curl: 4X6-10
CGBP: Top 2 sets of 75KG X 3, down to 60X10
Straight Bar Curl: 25KG 3X8
Skulls: 30KG 3X6-8

Rushed through today keeping minimum rest, felt sorta weak - probably from being ill again

Big shake
sausage, bacon, beans, egg, hash brown
PWO shake
chicken and rice