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Ben Pollack Competing in Nick's Classic Comp!

Saw Ben Pollack in a Nick’s Strength and Power classic physique competition video.

Competition looked better then last year. I think Ben looks pretty good, and pretty on for the classic look. Powerlifter looking pretty jacked!

What do you guys think? I know this is powerlifting, but I’m pretty impressed by his physique. Larry is jacked too!

There’s lots of other guys too like Kevin Oak, Dan Green and more

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I’ve been tagging nick under all of ben’s bodybuilding related insta posts for months now, I’m happy to see he will likely come second in mr golden era. I think jacked powerlifters like Ben, Larry, Dan green, Kevin oak, Andrew Herbert, etc. Are a great way for people to find powerlifting. I didn’t know what powerlifting was until I found Ben’s insta page

Yeah, the 198, 220 and 242 lb classes are filled with pretty jacked dudes. Even a few of the 275 lb lifters are lean.

Same as with weightlifting, people mostly pay attention to the heavy weights, and come to the conclusion that lifters are fat.