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Ben Henderson v Donald Cerrone

I am a Cerrone fan but you i gained a new respect for Ben smooth Henderson. How could you not after his shoulder spun completely in his socket (both arms actually) in the fifth round and he still comes out on top.

Close fight, came down to the first which I scored for Bendo (which is cooler than smooth). This fight really brought up the question how fights should be scored. Do you score attempts more, escapes, GnP?

crap, i missed it. does anyone know when they’re replaying it?

EDIT: i saw they’re replaying it on VS on 10/15…sweet!

Holy balls was that a fight.

Not sure about the UD, though. Kind of puzzled by it, actually.

Reminds me a little of the Tyson Griffin/Thiago Tavares fight.

Having DirecTV sucks since they feuding with Vs. and refuse to air the channel. This sounded like it was the Fight of the Year. Hope someone posts it on the net.

mma core will have it.

I just watched it again with my brother and I have no idea how "bendo"s arm didnt get ripped off in the 5th round.