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Ben Greenfield on High SHBG


In his Sept 29th podcast Ben Greenfield goes over his extensive blood work (17 vials) and talks about, among other things, his high SHBG (84) with a total T of 881 (290-1301) and free T of 78.5 (46-224). He says that one of the things that contributes to high SHBG is low thyroid function. His TSH was 3.69 (.45 - 4.21). He then goes on to say that low Vit-D can also raise SHBG.

I am not high SHBG but thought it might be interesting for those on the board who are high.


Does he talk about protocol?


Interesting. My recent bloods saw plenty of scope for increasing my d3 supplementation so I will be doing that. Might drop the 5mg var until next bloods and see what happens


As far as what he might do to fix it? Like D3 protocol and dealing with TSH?


Your D tested at 90 which is already pretty damn good. I take 10k IU a day and only get into the 60s. I also see your SHBG at 22.5 which is def not high.


My D is in the bottom third of the range. 90 on a scale of 50-200.
And my shbg was 64 a month ago, it’s only the var that has brought it down.


Trt Protocol


I forgot you were on that.


He didn’t mention that he is on TRT.



Unfortunately, getting my vitamin D higher did nothing for my SHBG. My thyroid went into the 2.5 range after starting TRT but now is back into the 1.2 range.


How high did you get it @alphagunner? 70-90 is optimal with diminishing returns after 100 with a higher mortality rate.


70-90 is optimal? I would disagree but whatever. I think around 30 would be optimal.

Mine is usually around 40-50. When I started TRT I got put on lisinopril and it shot me up into the 70’s! Wasn’t feeling trt at all.

Its gone as low as 37, but never lower than that. Usually in the 40-50 area.


Just based on what I have read and heard @alphagunner. “For all endpoints, the most advantageous serum levels for 25(OH)D appeared to be at least 75 nmol/l (30 ng/ml) and for cancer prevention, desirable 25(OH)D levels are between 90-120 nmol/l (36-48 ng/ml).”


I thought we were talking about SHBG.

Yes I agree with this. My Vitamin D was in the 70 last time I checked.


Sorry man. I was not clear which we were talking about.