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Ben Elton

These few paragraphs (below) in this weeks Atomic Dog reminded me of a good book I read recently, “Popcorn” by Ben Elton. Just wondering if anyone has read it, what you thought etc, any other Ben Elton or similar books I should read. Give it a go.

The advice columns are filled with letters from losers who can’t hold jobs or stay in relationships. They blame everyone but themselves.

Everyone’s suing someone. Suing because their feelings were hurt; suing because fast food made them fat; suing because the rectal thermometer they used elicited homosexual feelings that had previously lain dormant.

Psychiatrists’ offices are filled with people who blame their parents for every shortcoming they have. Sure, you visit laundry rooms and when no one’s looking, steal thongs out of the laundry baskets of babes so you can sew together pungent multi-colored quilts. Did it ever occur to you that it has nothing to do with your mother making you fold her Woolworth’s underwear when you were ten, that maybe you’re just a sick bastard?