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Ben Bruno on the Today Show


Long-time T Nation contributor, pull-up and split squat monster, and trainer to a metric crapton of celebrities Ben Bruno was on the Today Show. This was the nutrition segment.

They also ran through some training in another bit:

Very practical and well-rounded approach - protein, vegetables, carbs and healthy fats. No fads, no quick fixes. Included coffee with milk/sugar, ice cream, and cold cuts (gasp, double gasp, triple gasp). Really cool to see him getting out there.


This is really cool, I’m a big Ben Bruno fan. Really glad to see how well everything’s going for him.


Thanks for sharing!

It is hard to explain to people that it really is as simple as that. I too get wrapped up in all the fancy tricks and dieting strategies, when sometimes just basic, smart nutrition is all you need!



Nice little plug for Metabolic Drive.


Maybe, but still better than chips or crackers like he said.