Ben Affleck as...DAREDEVIL

THE first pic of Daredevil…here: movies/2002/2002-05-16-daredevil.htm

Gosh, I hope there are no spaces....

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Well now I don’t want to see Daredevil. I think Ben Affleck sucks, he is a horrible actor! That movie will suck because he is in it!

Photo at a higher resolution:


Yep, the outfit sucks. The kingpin has now changed race and DD looks like a Gay, satanist, motorcycle ethusiast, bondage fantasy. Leather? Buckles? The mask looks horrible. I’ll skip this one for sure. I’ll add it to the boycott list with Attack of the Clones. Maybe DC could put out a big-budget Flash. Now, that would be cool.

I agree with Tenyearsgone75, Affleck sucks. I think Matt Damon would be a better fit.

looks like he should be in the Village People

Ha! Ben Affleck is a cokehead. Thats off topic, but I’m sayin’ it anyhow.