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Belts: Use, Don't Use, When to Use?


How about belt? Use or not? And if yes, then when?


A general rule is as little as possible while maintaining strict form n safety. Most recommend using a belt only on 1. All your working sets. 2. Just on you top working set…


I use it on last set and joker sets. If you have never really used one I recommend using it. Helps you learn how to really fill your belly with air. Play around with different adjustments and placements until you find that sweet spot. Also, get a single pronged belt.


I never use one because I don’t have one or need one really.


All explained in the book and articles - if you want to use one, use one. If you don’t, don’t.

The Say No to the Belt Coalition are generally 1" nubs of foreskin. That’s a fact.