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Belts for ME Day

Do any of you wear your belt on ME Squat Training? On DE day I wear my belt loosely to work on pushing my abs against the belt , but its only for practicing technique using the belt. For me I think that I need to strengthen up my lower back more so I was wondering if it is a wise idea to not wear one when I’m doing ME GMs or any other ME excercise. Usually I only put it on when I’m about to do a PR attempt.

Now I wear mine on anything above 75%. I have a strong low back, so I don’t feel as if my belt is a crutch. It also helps to have something to push your abs against. I never understood what Intra abdominal pressure(IAP) was until I actually started using a belt, which has only been this past month. I couldn’t believe that a belt could help my lifts so much. It added at least 50# to my squat,dead, and GM. It could just be a confidence thing. I can’t wait to see what I can do with my Z wraps.

I only wear a belt when I go over 90%

I never wear a belt (except for weighted exercises like pull-ups and dips).