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Belts and Throwing Up

Does anyone else get the feeling of throwing up when using a belt during deadlifts. I tried using one a couple of times a year ago and always felt like i was going to throw up so I just stopeed using it. I decided to give it another shot yesterday to see if anything changed. The weight definitely came up much easier and I feel I can pull a lot more with a belt, but I still had the feeling of throwing up during my set. I used my buddies 10mm belt, which i think was from elitefts.

Squatting doesn’t really feel comfortable to me so I dont really go heavy on it and dont use a belt.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Put the belt up higher off your stomach most of belt over your belly button. I know kinda sounds weird but in the deadlift I have to due the same thing. I actually get more support in this position due to the fact my lower back doesn’t round but my upper lowerback if that makes since is what rounds.

I never feel comfortable using a belt for my deadlifts, so I don’t. I figure it just makes sure my low back is strong as shit

You’re probably not allowing food to settle before you go into the gym, or you’re either drinking too much fluid before a set. It happens to me sometimes also and it throws me off.

Also being not used to having a tight belt on, you’re probably very uncomfortable in it. Just takes time to get used to. Maybe loosen it up a notch or two.

You probably have it too tight, loosen it one notch and you’ll be good to go.

I do occasionally when I am full of fluids. Food doesn’t really bother me, but if its a heavy set and im full of fluid, I can sometimes feel like I’ll be sick.

hmm, I do make my belt as tight as possible and I also drink a lot of fluids before and during my workout. I will first see if loosening the belt will help, then I’ll try to have less fluids.

Reed, If my form breaks down, it’s usually my lower back where I put the belt, would your idea still be a good idea?