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Belter Sighting in NC!

I was working out today when I saw a veteran belter. I’ve seen him many times. He’s about 50 yrs. old, 190 lbs., fat belly, and he only does partial reps on every freakin’ exercise that I’ve seen him do. Whether it’s barbell curls, bench press, pull-up assists, hyperextensions, you name it. But today took the cake. He was wearing a belt doing Nautilus ab crunches! Not to mention he only did the top 1/3 of the range of motion. He made an interesting sound too while he was counting outloud. I could be mistaken, but it sounded like the cookie monster being possessed by a demon!

Careful. Veteran belters are often prone to give advice - best to steer clear.

Isn’t that the truth? I think that every single veteran belter I’ve ever met has tried to talk to me in the gym. Granted, I’ve only seen a few, but every single one? I’d have to agree with you. This is a species to stay away from if actually planning rest breaks and trying to stay in the zone during training.

Last week I spotted the semi-elusive “Belteris Tutoralias”, well the BT handed a young lifter a pair of dumbells, picked up a pair himself and proceeded to do rapid fire hammer curls…I think I might have heard him utter the words, “Feel the burn? That’s good, huh?” The dumbells were moving so fast, a pair of hummingbirds were looking through the window with a video camera, so that they could watch the replay and actually see the guys arms, instead of one big blur. Ahhh, Belteris Tutoralias…teaching a whole new generation the ways of the belter.

Definitely stay away from belters like the fat chick with the hairy mole at the DMV…