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Belt while deadlifting?

Should I or should I not wear a belt while deadlifting? I’ve never used one while performing the lift, and I’ve never had any problems what way, but a lot of people are telling me I’m going to injure myself. I don’t trust everything I hear in the gym, so I want to know what you guys think.


Don’t wear a belt. Read these articles to find out why.
Back Strong and Beltless Part 1
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Part 3

If you have a hard time getting through the above articles, this one is a good summary.
Abs In, or Out, or…Both?

Phatman gave you two great articles if your not injured the answer is No.

However, if your lower back is injured I would use a belt on the heavy set not the light ones or even the medium set.

The only time I use a belt for deads is towards the end of my set when the bar is grinding along my shins as I bring the bar up.

You don’t need it.

for regular sets no, for sets in the 90%-max category yes, for safety reasons. You want to prevent injury. powerlifters wear them. laters pk

I would wear one at about 85% of my max. I like to wear it only on the heavy sets. Warmups I do without. Here’s an example, if you dead 400, you might want to think of it at about 350. Why? form can break down for anyone on the heavy weights or on high reps. That’s when it would help you out. Easy sets I would go without. Don’t overthink this. The Paul chek articles aregood, but i really don’t feel they apply to the competitive lifter. I’ve never "tried to activate " my ta. I personally think it’s a waste of time that causes the average person to buckle over. I woul try to draw my upper body towards my hips. That would provide plenty of stability for a heavy squat and dead without visualizing your stomach drawing in. At the heavier sets I put it on for some additional.