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Belt vs. Beltless


I don't want to start a typical belt vs. beltless debate. I just have a few questions relating to the debate.

When you go without a belt, the transverse abdominis pulls the stomach in to create intra-abdominal pressure. When you use a belt intra-abdominal pressure is created by pushing out against the belt. Is this "pushing out" a function of the transverse abdominis as well, or is this performed by other muscles of the abdominal region?

If you are always using a belt and not doing abdominal work, can this cause the transverse abdominis to be deconditioned for pulling in?

I may have more questions in response to your answers, but that is it for now.


If you use a belt your entire midsection will atrophy and whither away, its true…


I think you need to go back and review basic physiology. the one and only thing that a muscle can do is contract…thats it. there is no possible way for a muscle to at ‘push out’ and ‘pull in’. thats kind of like saying the quads extend and flex the knee.

Then after you learn that just forget about your question because it doesn’t matter in the least. once you learn to stabilize the core it will work with or without a belt.