Belt Suggestions?

Hello Strength Volks,
I have not worn a belt in over 10 years. I have recently though had a fall in the rain that has messed up my back a bit. I am stretching and such and want to add a belt on my work sets for squats and deads for now. Can anyone recommend a good all around belt that it good for both squats an deadlifts?

I see that there are separate specialized bench, deadlift, and squat belts. I am looking for a middle of the road all around belt but figured I’d get something better than just going to the sports authority and picking up whatever piece of junk they have. I’m 5"10 and 200 lbs if that helps.

Thanks for any suggestions. g

I got the Inzer forever lever 10mm belt a few months ago, and love the thing. Defenitley never going back to leather belts.

Thanks! That one looks nice. I will probably get that.

I use the 13mm Inzer Lever Belt and love it.

Tapered belt < straight belt

Other than that, I think the biggest difference is how long it holds up.

Most people prefer a 10mm belt, I personally have a 13.

Also realize there is a break in period, and it will be longer with a 13mm belt.

I bought the retro belt from, it was like 60 bucks including shipping. And I believe they are 25 percent off right now. Solid belt. I bought the two prong, not knowing that single prongs seem to be the preference, but I haven’t had a problem

if you go inzer, buy the economy belt- 37 bucks and it works great, I love mine

I’m waiting for my Lever 10mm as we speak! DAMMIT!

I’ve been using an old leather belt for awhile now but it doesn’t even compare to the support of the belts mentioned in this thread. Make the investment.

Best belt ever! Spud belt. Can go as tight as you can stand but also can go lighter for less support. Very comfy as well.

I switched from the standard single prong belt from EliteFTS to a 10mm lever from Inzer and I could not be happier. Lever belt is the way to go. Also I saw someone suggest the cheaper Inzer belt, consider this an investment. Go with a quality lever belt and you will be happy with it for a long time.

[quote]brauny96 wrote:
if you go inzer, buy the economy belt- 37 bucks and it works great, I love mine[/quote]

Unless you’re just looking for a good deal, I wouldn’t go for an economy belt. The one I’ve used was more difficult to buckle than other belts, but that may have been because it was still very new. You can tell that its a cheaper belt.

I have a tapered APT belt for bench. Judging from that one, I wouldn’t buy one from them either.

If I were to buy a new belt today, I would go with Inzer or EFS. I really liked my Retro belt until I “stole” someones old one.

go to I bought the 10mm 2 prong belt, I’ve been using it for about 4 months now and I really like it now that its broken in

They are currently having a 25 percent off sale on belts at EliteFTS. Go there and buy one, you won’t be sorry.