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Belt Squats without Specific Machine?

Ive been wanting to try these, for high reps at the end of my workouts. Does anyone know of a way to do them if you dont have the “proper” equipment?

I was thinking maybe a weightlifting belt attached to a cable machine or a jump-stretch band, but am not really sure how to rig it up.

Otherwise, my best alternative would probably be pullthroughs?

use a dip belt and hook it to the cable machine and squat away.

its kind of a pain to do it that way if you want to get any kind of decent weight.

i would say a killer finisher is hack squats or sissy squats.

Thanks, i’ll try this or see if a jump stretch band will work. Im looking for a finisher that I can do for like 1 minute, and then build up to a set of 3 minutes with.

Lay two pieces of wood on the power rack across the safety bars. Put something on the wood so it doesnt slide so much. Use a dip belt.
You can also use two boxes.

Thx for the replies guys… Ive thought of a few ideas so far.

The best idea ive come up with so far is this.

-The setup will be similar to a barbell t-bar row (barbell on the ground with weights on one end)

-i’ll wear a dipping belt
-And this may be the first instance when those crappy hex weights come in handy. They have a hole in them as a handle. So i’ll put the chain through the hole, and go for it.

The only thing im concerned about would be the path of resistance. If I do this it will be an arcing motion. So i’ll have to examine some videos of real belt squats and see what the form looks like.

thx again, any other suggestions?

I’ve used a dip belt while standing on two benches. Definitely wasn’t worth the trouble. The Dip belt + cable machine sounds like a better idea.

Do you have a sound reason for wanting to incorporate these into your training?

I just stand on two boxes and use the Spud belt, works pretty well. Use a metal pipe to run through the plates and a chain to secure it to the belt. Shouldn’t cost much to make.

[quote]VikingsAD28 wrote:
Do you have a sound reason for wanting to incorporate these into your training?[/quote]


an axel strap from an automotive store makes a cheap dip belt. Usually rated for more weight than you’ll want to attach. pick up some tie-down straps while you’re there, or some chain.

Belt squats can be cool if you need to give your lower back a break and don’t have access to a leg press. becuase the pain in ass set-up, I prefer trap bar DLs, but to each his own.

Thx for all the info guys. I work out in a commercial gym, so I want to have minimal setup and equipment. I dont have access to a trap bar either.

Im gonna give it a try tommorow. My plan will be to use a dip belt, setup weights on one end of a bar on the ground. Attach the dip belt to the weights. I can use some aerobic steps to increase the ROM if necessary, or use smaller plates (like 10’s) I’ll also try rigging up something with one of the cable machines, because that would be much easier.

Im still going to be training front squats and deadlifts heavy, but my just cant handle all of the volume im currently doing since im bulking.

thx again

I actually really like belt squats. I have a hip belt from Ironmind, but you could easily do them with a standard dipping belt and possibly an extra chain to hang weights.

Here are 2 videos showing the different ways I do them. I find belt squats really kill the quads while giving your back and shoulders a break. Obviously they can’t replace squats, but it’s a good change from time to time.

Hope this helps

Well I made a dip belt from an old weightlifting belt and am gonna give it a try today, but its kinda jenky. So I may end up just using pullthroughs for high reps instead. We’ll see.

im missing why youre putting the weights on the end of the barbell like t-bar rows?

vertical leg press