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Belt Squats Any Good?


Hi does anyone do belt squats much and what success have you had with them.
I have a homemade dip belt and stand on 2 tires , it's getting difficult to add more weight though as the set-up is difficult and the belt cuts into you a bit.

Are higher reps the way to go with them. I can use a fair bit of weight 100kg deep , 130kg parallel, But I would like to make more progress.

Has anyone set up a pulley system like in some of youtube videos or used bands and weights with success.

Thank Chris


You need an Ironmind belt squat belt.

For the set up I have two piles of engineering bricks I stand on, and a third in front of me which I use to keep the plates stacked on (on an olympic loading pin) I just lean forwards clip the loaded pin on and stand up then start squatting, it took a bot of getting used to but it works well.

I used these when I couldn't train due to lower back injuries, I prefer front squats now TBH, but belt squats are great for extra volume without taxing the lower back.

I use close and wide stances and alternate with converse and olympic shoes.