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Belt Squats and Lower Back Pain?


I tried these the other day because i read that they don't cause lower back pain, but by the time i finished my 3rd set my lower back was quite sore. as far as i know i did not round my back.

anyone know what the problem might be? could it just boil down to the fact that i have a weak lower back?
since i train at home with limited equipment / space, i don't really do direct work for my lower back... i have a pretty strong core from doing weighted planks but that about all the attention my lower back gets.

any feedback would be great.


Can you get us a video of your squat bud?


i would if i could but ive only get a £10 phone! no camera..




possible weak/underactive glutes.

part of it could be a weak lower back but its probably only part of it. switch to side planks to hit the abs, obliques and low back at the same time. swap out some back squats with some atg front squats and box squats. and once and a while some goodmornings to round it out.

also, if you can find an olympic coach see if you can find one that can help with the activation of the glutes.