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Belt Squat Machine


Good evening, CT,

Wondering if you have any experience working with a Belt Squat machine, specifically the Westside model, the Elite FTS model, or Matt Wenning’s model, and if you feel belt-squatting is beneficial for leg strength, given the reduced spinal load. Do you think these machines have carryover to the barbell squat?



I love them. The pit shark is also good. The Elite FTS model is awesome. Great way to train the squat pattern while deloading the back (actually decompresses the spine).


Go to ironmind-store.com and get their super squats hip belt. It attaches to the bar front and rear. I straddle a smith machine and squat. Saves your spine and I get a great quad workout.


Could you use a good dip belt around waist and do this while standing on two boxes?

my dip belt can hold 6 plates + comfortably


I’ve done it, but at one point setting up becomes too much of a hassle to be worth the benefits IMHO. PERSONALLY anything that requires a lot of effort outside of the actual set really turns me off and can make me lose focus. Which is why I don’t often use dumbbells although they are a great tool.


Gotcha - and probably why also you don’t like weigthed calisthenics (huge hassle putting load on etc.) vs. loading up a barbell

Happy new yrs coach


Right… same thing with the leg press… even rings in a Crossfit gyms since they are always set up too high