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Belt Squat Help

My lower back problems do not allow me to squat, deadlift even trap bar DL is scary.

I have been trying belt squats with my dipping belt but the leather really digs into my legs even with padding stuffed inder it.

I am considering the Iron Mind Hip Belt Squat or the Spud from Elitelfts. I would also use this for sled drags.

Anyone have any suggestions which might be better if any? They are expensive so I want to make sure.

What happened to your lower back?

The Ironmind belt is very well built.

I am going to pull mine out storage tomorrow…

Hip belt squats are very humbling, you will feel like a weekling at first.

Start out with less than 100 pounds and go for high reps. A curl bar works nicely.

Hip-belts are designed for High-rep breathing squats. It’s a bit tricky to get used to setting up the belt, but once you start squating it feels really good.