Belt Squat Attachment

Belt Squat Attachment

Turn your squat rack into a belt-squat machine with this handy attachment!

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I haven’t used this particular attachment, but if anyone is thinking about it, I can absolutely say the belt squat has become my favorite quad movement. It decompresses my spine, I can get rock bottom with no joint discomfort, and I can get as much forward knee travel as I want. I also have no fears going to failure or even extending sets. This isn’t the case with squats, leg press, or hack squats - all of them have a limitation. Fantastic addition to leg day!


I like belt squats too and this looks awesome! Just not in the budget for me.

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That’s my alternative set up, dip belt and the barbell on a catcher one side and J cup the other side, couple of plates on the pivot side to counterbalance and a couple of clips to make sure it doesn’t slip (although it did one, I flew back and the weight hit the floor, funny not dangerous).


Thanks @alex_uk .
I rig mine up with 25lb plates, a couple of cinder blocks and a dip belt. I am not moving near the weight you do you.