Belt Size

I just started lifting with a buddy from work who has been out of the game for about 10 years. He is 6ft2 305 lbs. He still has some decent strength 215lb squat for 3. 315lb sumo deadlift. 250 lb bench press and a 700 lb leg press.

Heres the thing he really wants to get back into lifting. None of the power belts at the gym fit him. I know this is a hard question to answer but… approximately what belt size would you think he would need? I can order from best belts and get a 42-54 range do you think that would make it? Im gonna give it to him as a gift but i feel a little uncomfortable asking his waist size yanno?

im about his size, I just got a “Liftinglarge” lever belt XXL and it is perfect.

Thanks man ill look into that.

I just got a custom belt from after some recommendations on this site, fantastic, custom made belts. You give them your waiste size and they make it for you, lifetime warrantee. Might be worth checking out!

I have a best belt its awesome and so is dean.

I’ll second the Best Belts product as well. Made about an hour from where I live. Great quality and comparable to the Inzer Forever Belt, but with custom sizing.

Go on the larger side (~54+) and drill/punch holes as necessary.