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Belt Recommendations?


Hi everyone,

I have been training for quite a few years now and have decided to purchase a lifting belt as I am starting to do more maximal strength work. The lifts I would use a belt for would mainly be squat and deadlift variations including conventional deadlifts, snatch grip deadlifts, hybrid stance sumo deadlift, trap bar deadlifs, front squats and zercher squats. Throughout my training career, I have trained without a belt so I don’t know as much about different belts. Some of my PRs include a 152kg (335lb) front squat and a 210kg (466lb) deadlift. I haven’t tested my deadlift in a long time but think I can do more than that because I did a triple at 195kg on the trap bar deadlift the other day. I hope to test some of these lifts after purchasing a belt.

Would any of you have recommendations for belts? I was reading a Mark Rippetoe article saying that a different belt (one not as thick) should be used for deadlifts. Personally I would not want to buy 2 belts so a belt that would work for squats and deadlifts would be ideal.

What belts have worked well for you? Any advice is appreciated!



I have an Inzer Forever Lever belt, I believe a 10mm. I use it for squatting and deadlifting. Have had it for a year and a half and almost no signs of wear and tear.


I have 2 belts a large Velcro one from material about 4 inches wide. This works quite nicely on deadlifts . It’s not really very tight. I take a breath and push out against the belt. It’s called VALEO - it was fairly expensive. I got both from PULLUM Sports in LUTON.

I just got a new Eleiko one today. It is for weightlifting . It’s a lot thinner and I would say probably not as good for deadlifting. It would work well for squat. My cheaper weightlifting belt which I lost was close to as good. You can wear a cheap weightlifting belt backwards for more surface area. Not sure that’s allowed in competitions.


I decided to respond by meme-ing myself

P.s It was a joke.I have nothing against belts


The single prong athlete belt from bestbelts works very well and comes already “broken in”. I highly recommend it.


I have a single prong 10mm Inzer Forever belt. I have had it for four years and use it weekly. Great belt and would recommend it.


Single prong 10 mm for general use. Inzer or Titan.


4" wide 10 mm thick for squats

Tapered belt 4" in back, 2" in front for conventional deadlifts.

In the bottom of the conventional deadlift many people find that the belt gets pushed out of position by contact with the thighs. If you deadlift sumo, then there is no need for the tapered belt.

If you have extra cash a 2" all around belt for a shirted bench (if you use a shit) to hold the shirt in place and narrow so it doesn’t interfere with the arch.

Either way buy a suede belt (wont slip), with one or two prongs (preference) and don’t be cheap. Velcro and single ply bodybuilding belts are a waste of money. A good belt will last your entire career unless you grow out of it. any of the major vendors (Inzer, Titan, Metal, Rogue, etc) are fine with Bob Morris generally considered the cream of the crop.


I have 2 belts from bestbelts.com, hand made in the US and custom made for each person. I have a thicker, non tapered belt for squads and deads, and a thinner tapered belt for assistance work. Lifetime guarantee on every belt, outstanding quality, they come broken in and ready to go. Lots of variety for colors and such, and they can add extra holes if you want them.