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Belt Recommendations?


I would like to see what belt recommendations ya'll have and where the best place to get one would be.

I got to borrow a good single prong belt for my meet training and i liked it alot. I have a double prong belt and it sucks.

So I am looking for good places to get a good single prong belt. I think the one at elitefts 13mm single prong looks to be a good bet for a good belt. I also wanted to get a few more experiences from here besides all that i've read in the stickies.


I have an Inzer 10mm single prong, one of the best investments I've made after my lifting shoes. I don't have any experience with EFS belts but I've heard some bad things about the quality. I'd suggest a 10mm over a 13mm


Thanks astar, the one i borrowed was from inzer. I just looked into their options and they have alot more options to choose from for about the same price. I have heard alot of good things about inzers equipment, but the shipping time i've heard is bad unless you call them up ahead of time.


Inzer 10mm single-prong, hands-down. 13mm just feels like too much to me, and you can always do more core work if you need to be tighter. Although give them plenty of time to deliver it, I just bought an XL belt from them and four weeks later got an XXL in the mail (will just drill out more holes).


Yeah, Inzer has good stuff, but they aren't a reliable company in my experience. I've ordered stuff from them 3 times now. The first 2 times were prompt and both orders were incorrect (they gave me free stuff both times). This last time I ordered I'm still waiting on my belt 3 weeks later.


I have a 13mm elitefts belt love it. Very good quality you will not go wrong with elitefts or inzer either way. Just be aware that 13mm belt is a lot harder to break in than a 10mm belt. Make sure to use your belt for all warm up sets and accessory work if possible to help break it in faster also summer time is a good time to buy a belt for this reason. as long as you buy a qualtiy belt eg inzer/apt/titan/elitefts you can not go wrong just be sure to get a single prong.


Inzer 10mm with buckle :wink: Bombproof and beautifully made. Took a while to break in but was definately worth the dollars. Remember it is better to Buy Nice than to buy twice !


Going against the grain here, but I bought an Ebay 10mm double prong for ~$30. It is black, looks identical to most others, and the quality is great!


ordered a 10mm Inzer lever belt 3 weeks ago...hope to use it someday.


lol x2.


13mm lever from Inzer has been my best belt ever. Plenty of support and it does feel pretty comfortable, to me anyway. Took very little time to "break in" also. I've tried 10mm belts before, and just did not get enough support out of them.

One consideration that I've read about is what all you will be wearing when competing and training. Lever belts are awesome to put on, i.e. very fast and easy, but if you go from raw to a few plys, then adjusting the levers screws might be a bit of a pain. I've never done multi ply, so I don't know first hand, but its something to consider if you go the multi ply route.


I have an Inzer 13mm lever. I love it, but I only need one tightness; if I had to adjust the belt for different lifts, I would go with a prong. 13mm is overkill for me, but I do not regret having a thicker belt; I get beautiful purple marks on my hips as a reminder of how much fun I had in the gym.


Hey thanks for all the advice and recommendations everyone.

@doubleduce and greystoke, lolz but seriously that is my main concern with inzer.

I think it'll come down to inzer and whether i want a slightly thicker belt or not.

@ dove, that is the main reason i need a new belt. I will eventually get into double ply gear for my squat suit. Might be awhile for bench though(i definitely need a crew for that, i can get by myself with a squat suit though). Thanks for that consideration. I do need one that i can go a little larger but would still fit me for raw work and general back work as well.


I got a 10mm from Crain's muscle world. They were the cheapest powerlifting belt that looked like it compared well in quality to all the other popular ones. I had tried a 13mm belt from APT but it was just took thick for my taste. Crain's makes a 13mm one too. They shipped quick and were well priced.


Hey Aj thanks for the site. Crain looks like he's got some good stuff at decent prices on his site.

I'll be honest, it's between inzer and crains at this point. I want the red white and blue single prong belt. Still trying to decide on 10mm or 13mm.


Heracles, if youre a SHW then go with the 13mm, it'll better help support you. If not it may take a lot longer to break in and will be stiff as a bitch (as it should). I think anyone under 200 (outline of abs can be seen) should be fine with a 10mm, but that does depend on things like how strong your core is, how hard you can push out and how "built" your low back, waist and lats are.

Also, as you might know, aim a little higher in size. I love my inzer, but they could do a better job labeling the belt size, like the fact that mine has literally 8" of prong holes, instead of the 2" range advertised. Not complaining too much about that, it would just help pick one.


I love my inzer lever belt. I have had the same one for about 3 years and it is still in great shape. I know Elitefts is in the process of making there version of a lever belt so that will probably be pretty awesome as well.


i have an Inzer lever 13mm. the lever has broke twice now but i was able to send it back to them and they've replaced it for free both times. i've used prong belts but they were always really hard to get tight enough and a bitch to get off.


It's good to know I can just send it back to get it repaired but I'm curious as to what happened to cause them to break so that I know what to avoid doing with it so I can avoid the inconvenience.

I have the 10mm Inzer myself. The stability between having it on and no belt or a cheapo is night and day.


the first time it broke it was the hinge as i locked it for a seond attempt in a comp. the second time it was the back of the lever mechanism snapped in two. not sure what caused it to break. the lever mechanism is attached to the belt with two screws and back plates. i didn't send the entire belt back, jus the lever mechanism.