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Belt Question


II'm high bar squatting for power lifting. I cannot low bar squat its impossible for me.

I have a good 10 mom belt but in there high bar squat you are suppose to keep your arch in the lower and upper back hard to stay as upright as possible.

It is impossible to arch your upper back and lower back hard and take a big breath in and push your abs into your belt.
If you don't believe me stand up and try it.

So what I'm wondering is..... if I don't arch my lower back and use the valsalva maneuver in the high bar squat would the intra abdominal pressure still keep my spine safe as it is suppose to do under heavy loads.




Maybe I’m not understanding you but when I stand up and arch my low back and take a big breath then push my abs into my belt I have no problem regardless of where the bar is on my back.


I personally think you just dont know how to push out your abs correctly. When I squat high bar I can definetly still press into my belt when standing tall and arched.


With others on this…play around with your belt.

BTW like you I do high bar and find low bar almost impossible. I wear my belt up pretty high. I’ve never really checked but the bottom edge doesn’t even touch my belly button I think. But it works for me.


I lost it at 10 mom belt, where can I get one of those lol


I think of it as pushing my entire midsection out against the belt. If I think just belly than I do sort of partial crunch into the belt.


I meant 10 mm im on my phone and it auto corrected lol


I high bar too, I have no dramas with taking a deep breath, getting my abs against the belt (easier to so with the belt than without as I can feel it better) and keep my arch.

My belt sits fairly low. I on occasion get bruising on my hips from it, FYI.