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Belt Placement


i been seeing this more frequently with powerlifters or strongman, wearing the belt around mid-torso just around the solar plex, instead of wearing it around the waist.
especially when doing deads or farmer
what's the deal with that?


My power belt digs into my hips when I pull or do low squats so I tend to wear it a little high. Plus my midsection feels tighter. When I wear it lower it feels like my guts are going to pop out from the top of the belt sometimes when I get heavy.

I'm guessing for farmers walks it's so they can breathe a bit easier?


It should be as low on your hips as possible.


^tell that to Konstatinovs for one, go see his vids.
he's right lots of lifters are wearing the belt that way.


I tighten it as tight as I can around my abs. I don't think I let it touch even the top of my hip bones. I only use it for heavy weight squats though. It is supposed to support the expansion of your mid-back muscles above all else. I don't see how having it low on the hips will help this.


Louie simmons said that is should be as low on the hips as possible.


Well then, it should certainly be as low on the hips as possible!


In what context did Louie say that? Regarding squats, deadlift or in general?