Belt Issue

Over a year ago I had a serious injury to one of my discs. I recovered and have been lifting regularly for about 8 months now. I worked very hard on my form since then. So last week I finally get a belt and try it on DLs. After just 1 final set using the belt, my previously injured area starts acting up. Pretty ironic.

I also had some creaky feelings down there after using the belt on 1 squat set. It’s like wtf, am I wearing it wrong or making it too tight? I think what happened is the tightness it makes on my back gives me a false sense of security, so I decrease the amount of tensing in my lower back. This really sucks though, my problem area is acting up again. I guess I’m gonna do some exercises the rehab people gave me. So this is actually 2 questions, the belt and my injury. I’m on a 5x5 program and squatting 3/week.

I think your on the right track. Wearing the belt is probably subconsciously making you not tighten up for your lifts.

Are you a competitive lifter?

I’m no expert but isn’t front squats better for you if you problem with your discs? But maybe that is what you are doing.

Hope you get well soon.

I would suggest you do some serious high rep work, with a low weight. Build up some strength, as well as some mobility. Strengthen the tissue around your discs before you go really heavy.

I’ve been doing a lot of front squats lately, and finishing with a couple sets of back squats. I figured it was a good way to learn how to squat, but it also puts less stress on the back:

It might be a good substitute until you can get your back feeling healthy again. I don’t know any good deadlift substitutes though.

I think doing the rehab exercises is a good idea too.

Thanks for the replies. I might consider front squatting while I assess this problem. I’m also doing the rehab exercises given. Does anyone know where I can find good mobility exercises…specifically for the glutes, hamstrings, and lower back (if they exist).