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Belt is Screwing Up My Squats


Guys I just started started using my belt again after months of beltless training. I changed my form a ton, i gained a ton of strength.

Long story short, I'm trying to get back into belt squatting and I tried today and shit went wrong.

At the bottom of my squat my belt seems to force me to fold over, force my butt to wink, and completely ruin my rebound.

Is it too tight? I wear it right above my belly button

I tried to hit 395 for a tripple and i could only get a single and it was a grinder, I can do 395 without my belt for a single so I'm sure its not just me being weak.


What kind of belt do you wear?


10mm Inzer lever belt.




I only record a front view :frowning: Doesn’t do it muchjustice


I have never heard of a belt doing this. I need see a video. What your describing sounds much more like a tightness in the Hams, hips, or lower back maybe all 3.


So you can squat fine without a belt but wearing one makes you worse? Don’t wear one then.