Belt for Squats vs Belt for Deadlifts

I noticed recently that when I bent over to set up for deads, it felt like my belt was too loose. I tightened it one notch, and found that deadlifts now feel great. However, squats which previously felt great felt terrible, and the belt was surely too tight. I use an inzer lever belt, so it would suck to have to unscrew the lever between each workout. Is this a regular occurrence among lifters?

I use the same setting for squats as I do for deads.

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I think so. I use different belts for squats and deads (10 mm prong for deads, 13 mm lever for squats); position my belts differently (higher and slanted down at the back for deads, lower and slanted down at the front for squats); and generally have my belt slightly looser for deads.

This why I have a prong belt. I also have a prong belt because I like to say prong.


I used to have two belts not I unscrew my pioneer belt and adjust it for squat or deadlift.

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I used to apply the same setting for squats and deads, then experimented around a bit and found out that different settings work better for me… got annoyed of constantly using the screwdriver in the gym, so I bought the SBD belt. Couldn’t be happier with my purchase, although I understand it might be a big investment for people.

Interestingly, you seem to require a tighter settings for deads and a looser settings for squats. For me it is the reverse. A too tight setting for deads makes it difficult for me to get into position, as with deads you start your lift going into the concentric part (obviously there is no eccentric portion in this lift), so hips/legs etc all bent.

I’m short waisted, so for the deadlift I have to pull the belt up in front, almost over the bottom of my ribcage. Its the only way it stays in position. I also use one hole looser in the deadlift.

It varies from person to person, I wear my belt the same for sq and dl. I don’t really see unscrewing the lever as a big deal but you other options are the SBD belt or Wahlanders which has a quick release. Both are expensive and it seems to me that it would be hard to get the quick release belt very tight if that’s how you want it. Of course there are belts with prongs too.

Thanks for the replies everyone. I’ll see if I can use the same setting for both squats and deads, otherwise I’m going to have to unscrew the lever between sessions. Not a big deal but the less hassle the better.

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Don’t compromise belt tightness to avoid unscrewing the lever.

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I think I also need to play around with the various levels of tightness to get an idea of what is optimal for me in each lift. So far I’ve only used the one that I started off with.