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Belt Band Walks

I was at the gym today and this guy I know who does Westside and Davies type stuff told me about these Belt Band Walks that the Westside guys do for weighted GPP. So I strapped on a weight belt and he grabbed a light jump stretch band and wrapped underneath and then made two loops to under my feet. Let me tell you that this is a weird feeling. The bands are trying to pull you to the floor. I straddle walked around for 5 minutes and I noticed a little burning in the hips and butt, also in the hams. He the proceeds to tell me that some of the Westside guys do this for their whole workout. Anyone ever hear about this or try this?


I read something about Louie Simmons wearing stretch bands for entire feeder workouts over on Dave Tate’s website. I don’t remember the specifics, but it was under the Ask Dave Q and A area. I think there was even a picture!

A lot of westside training is based on a pyramid, not pyramid training but the shape of a pyramid. The bigger the base the higher the peak. Your GPP is your base, so the better you are at performing work, the higher your maxes will go! It seems to work, I have adopted Coach Davies Renegade Training back when he first was introduceed here at T-Mag. The more my conditionig increased, the harder I could work and the bigger and stronger I got.

Hope that helped. In faith - Matt

I think I saw this in one of those 70’s martial arts flicks, where the teacher made his student hop up stairs with heavy iron blocks locked to his feet. It sounds to me like you’ve got a very unique angle of resistance working against/for you. Let us know how it feels 3 weeks from now.