Belt & Assistance to Prevent Re-Injury

Quick history.

Started lifting when I was 28. I’m 34 now. Was invited to do my first PL meet by a friend I lifted with occasionally. Figure what the hell. Trained hard for it. Squat form was too deep and I was rounding my back at the bottom. Did that for a while until I got too heavy (around during 430lbs) and I threw my lower back out. I took some time off, when to a chiropractor which helped immensely. Started working on my form with just body weight. Then added weight slowly to the bar.

Problem is EVERY TIME I get to around 315lbs, on ascension I feel something (disc?) start to move on me. The faster the ascension, the more vulnerable I feel to re-injury. Something in there just moves on me. Luckily up to this point, I haven’t seriously injured it but I have read enough horror stories to trust that I could be playing with fire. But I don’t want to quit squatting. I finally am very happy with my form and I have goals goddammit!

Anyone have a similar weird movement in their lower back when squatting? It really only seems to move on me when coming out of the whole. Just started wearing a belt (which I always ditched in favor for a strong core) so I started throwing in ab work. Doing some back extension here and there but not aggressively yet.

I guess I’m wondering if anyone’s had a similar problem and when they do to deal with it/ work around it/ strengthen up their lower back. I don’t want to quit squatting, but I do enjoy bending over and picking up my son.


Anybody? Could really use some advice. I’m sure there have been plenty of back injuries on this site lol Thanks again.