Belly protruding

Ok. I’ve been on a mass cycle for the last 3 weeks and making some decent gains (up >10#). Within the last week my belly has started to stick out. Its like I’ve been inflated. I’m eating more consistantly than before but I don’t think its the food volume factor. Been doing lots of heavy ab work cause I want the mass everywhere but this is concerning me. My stomach was damn flat before with a 31" waist and now my entire rectus abdominus is sticking out (uncut) and I’m closer to 33". Abs are a little more defined and all other bf indicators (vascularity, Tanita, mirror, etc.) show that bf is down (or the same). I’m popping T-2 3x/day, Tribex 12x/day, DHEA, multi-vits, 2g B-12, 1g C, G&C (for joints), and I’m 20+ days Finasol+Androsol. Also been getting in around 3500 cals/day (200-300g protein) and I’ve relaxed my restriction on carbs. What the fuck gives?

If you have not gained much fat then the steroids are making your belly bigger.

I thought only HGH did that.

You could be retaining some water or just getting some visceral (internal) fat accumulation.

i doubt it could happen this fast, but are you doing heavy squats?

This is just excess food in your stomach and lower/upper intestines. When you’ve finished your mass cycle fast for a full 36 hours to give your digestive system a break and allow the excess to clear. A sane type of fast can be something like starting last thing Sunday night and not eating until Tuesday morning. The only tough thing is sometimes trying to sleep on the Monday night.

I doubt that little bit of roids would make your gut extend, anytime I go on a bulking cycle in the morning when my gut is empty, the stomch looks fine, but when I eat a ton of food, if my abs arent really tight then I look like I am getting a gut, buts its not fat, it`s just a distended belly from all the food.

I’d like to think its just the excess food. Usually if I’m on sustained mass eating for a while I ‘have’ to fast 'cause my guts get torn up.

My ab muscles are bigger and I was thinking that they might just be lax from their own weight(?).

Yeah. I’ve been doing some heavier squats and I really suck at it (and I don’t mean vacuum). Waist looks thicker but so does everything else (almost).

fasting and muscles don’t go together.

Take it from someone who has the same troubles while bulking, it’s water retention. I get so bad it restricts my breathing and none of my pants fit.