belly fat

i have been working out for years with varying intensity. the intensity has been pretty high over the last 11 months and i have put on a good bit of muscle and a little bodyfat. i am around 6’ tall and naturally thin. i can still see my abs, but the lower one is a little off. it seems that i store bodyfat from my belly button to one inch below it. i have just recently begun some interval training (approximately 2-3 weeks) and the bodyfat caliper measure has come down slightly. do you guys have any other suggestions on how to lose the fat. the program i am currently doing is EDT arm specialization two days a week, CT’s power circuit once/week, CT’s intervals 2x/wk, and incline treadmill (active recovery) 2x/wk. this leaves me with two rest days every week. i was thinking it may be possible to gain a little size on my arms while cutting calories slightly. i guess we will see if it works.


Hey, there, climbon. Welcome to the forum!!!

Unfortunately, that below-the-umbilicus fat is the very last to go. It’s just a BF thing. You’re doing great. Keep working out hard and provide your muscles a stimulus for growth, make sure your nutrition is spot-on and dialed in, continue with your cardio, optimize your PWO nutrition and finally add in some of your compound multi-joint exercises; i.e., your (weighted) dips, pull-ups, bent-over rows, squats, deadlifts, etc.

If you have any questions in particular, don’t hesitate to ask.

i have the same issue, just have patience and fortitude to keep up the good diet and training. laters pk

Climbon, Welcome to the forum !
Tampa Terry gave you the right suggestions. In your workouts use big compound movements. For arms: Dips, Close grip bench presses, Chins, Barbell curls. I read frequently on T mag and elsewhere (Kubik,Mc Roberts)that to increase arms you have to increase your body weight. Therefore you may choose a bulking diet.
Hope that helps !

the vast majority of my training involves compound movements. this is the first specialization program i have done. it is definitely taxing on bis and tris. my thinking was that i may be able to gain a little size in my arms with a specialization program while on a slightly hypocaloric diet. it very well may not work secondary to the decreased calories. but i’m enjoying the change of routine. thanks to everyone for the posts.