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Belly Fat Must Go!

i’ve been struggling with belly fat for quite some time now and am stuck.
I am 6’5 and about 218lb. I usually try to lift weight about 4 times a week and do some sort of cardio on the other days. spinning, racquetball, treadmill.

the fat around my lower belly, love handles and lower back just won’t go away!
i am eating a healthy low carb diet and no junk.
what am i missing ? how come the fat won;t go away at all? i know, some of this is probably genetics…but still.

what other cardio could i do that would give me better results? is swimming any good?

thanks for your help

if you want to loose fat, you have to have a calorie deficit in your diet, doesnt matter if you eat clean food or not, if you dont use more energy than you eat, you wont loose fat… and it will go away, its not your genetics, you just have to keep trying, reading some diet articles from this site would be a great place to start

usually when you want to lose weight you have to eat more… I mean smaller portion about every 2-3hrs apart, which means you’ll probably have 5-6 meals in a day or more… you can substitute a couple of meals with some protein shakes… this will speed up you metabolism and help you with the fat loss. I’ve been doing this and it works!

eat less or do more

[quote]B rocK wrote:
eat less or do more[/quote]

stop spewing such ridiculous lies! [/sarcasm]

[quote]B rocK wrote:
eat less or do more[/quote]

eat less or do more? you gotta be kiddin

[quote]oscarg wrote:
B rocK wrote:
eat less or do more

eat less or do more? you gotta be kiddin[/quote]

nope…it’s pretty hardcore and intense…but it’s been proven to work.

it’s science.

I just discovered T-Nation. And ordered HOT-ROX Extreme, can anyone tell if this works as good as the article says?

And is it anyone here familiar to the p90x workout?
Seen alot of youtube vids etc, and it seem to be pretty effective.

I tried to make a new post about this, but couldnt…

PS: As you can see my english is not very good, so bare with me :wink:


You’re English is better than some of the schmucks on this site. A lot of guys flame P90X but for all intents and purposes it does what it says it does. My father has been doing it for a couple years and loves it. He eats like shit but the P90X keeps the fat off and keeps him in pretty good shape for an older guy who doesn’t eat all that well (he’s 52).

I’m currently taking HOT-ROX at the moment. It gives me a pretty good extra kick and the body fat I’ve accumulated over the winter is falling off nicely.

Good luck Snuggy and the OP.

Your English…

HOT-ROX is really awesome and will do its job if you eat less and do more.

You’re 6’5" 220. try packing some muscle on that giant frame without gaining any more fat. It will disperse what you have.

Thank you Polo77j :slight_smile:
Interesting, might try out the p90x, just downloaded some tutorials.

I have just started my journey seriously, and im trying to take a picture every week to document my work and motivate my self.
If I reach my goal, wich is losing another 14 kilos withing July, I will post a progress video here and on youtube.

Im really excited and hope I can finally reach my
goals after many tries in my life.

Appriciate the response.