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Bellies and Bodyparts

Some exerpts from today’s Dave Draper column and my comments.

Bellies and associated bodyparts have been growing big for a long, long
time, and that fact has not gone unnoticed. There’s respectable public
stir and the media reports fat-people sightings regularly. There are
popular books written and films produced about the overweight absurdity and a few tiresome solutions have been offered, but the only changes I
notice are salads added to fast food menus and vogue styles for a novel fat-is-cool set created by the well-established feed-my-pocket mob.
(emphasis mine; this especially disgusts me)

Why do I care? Obesity is destructive to one’s self and one’s
surroundings. Lots of rolly people have kids who follow in their plodding
footsteps, and the consequences seep into the communities around us.
Obesity is a sign of carelessness, negligence, disregard, irresponsibility and laziness, lack of discipline, self-respect and personal assurance. These are not the characteristics that comprise strong nations of people.

(emphasis mine)

As you know, exercise is the best investment we can make in any season and any economy, and smart eating is of equal worth. The rich might get richer as their portfolios increase impressively, but their losses are incalculable as their waistline and arteries thicken in equal proportion. God bless the bright and prosperous man and woman whose health matches his wealth and wisdom. No cigars, (I disagree with Dave here - nothing beats a good cigar with a naked woman in a hot tub) [i]no cigarettes, no excess alcohol and enough good food and exercise to develop the body, mind and soul – that’s the road to travel, sound, sure, comfortable and fulfilling.

The overweight teach those who follow them how to be overweight; the
out-of-shape influence their listless followers, the apathetic drag along
their subjects and so on. Parents, guardians, teachers, police, bosses,
authorities, social workers, political leaders, doctors, aunts and uncles,
big brothers and sisters – the whole spectrum of characters briskly
walking or sluggishly trodding along life’s busy corridors tell, declare,
suggest, intimate or direct the way to go. Most don’t even know it, a
small crime in itself.[/i]

I especially agree with the following:

The government shouldn’t bear the burden to fix what is broken. News
Flash! The parents and grammar school classrooms should be the wise,
strong and loving forces that govern, prepare and strengthen communities early on, when the time is right. Too late – tomorrow – is right around
the corner.

What’s the answer? A T-Nation revolution!