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Bellator UFC 112


I don't feel like making a two separate threads. Is anyone watching Bellator some sick fights so far. Huerta doing s somersault to avoid giving up his back was beautiful and Joe Warren is a cocky ass mother fucker. Should be a good tourney if you aren't watching start.

UFC 112
Surprised there is no thread for this. Why is it snoozefest GSP and the boring HW's get more attention than Anderson and BJ. This boggles the shit out of me.
Silva KO
Renzo (Guillotine)
Don't care about the LW's
Grove via Triangle Choke


Funny you think renzo will sub hughes, i think hughes will just outwrestle him and lay'n pray to death, think of matt serra vs hughes 3


i caught one of the Bellator events the other day, and the fights werre rather hit or miss. some were awesome, and some of the fighters should have been doing ammy events...i think i've been spolied by the WEC/UFC. anyway...

the two fights i want to see are Hughes-Gracie and Grove-Munoz.

i see Hughes eeking out a decision, but i'd like to see Renzo sub him, mainly because Gracie seems liek the nicest guy in the world.

Muoz is a beast at 185, but Grove is decent all around, and has a reach that's difficult for most guys to deal with. i can see that being the fight fo the night...

Penn will school Edgar...Frankie's just too small, and should really looking at dropping downa nd going to the WEC.

Silva will KO Maia again...i find him almost boring anymore.

my .02


They only fought once.


People get confused because it was supposed to happen 2-3 times and it just didnt. Great build up by the UFC for it but it just didnt deliver.

If Hughes wins its the same way he beat Royce. I cant help but cheer for Renzo though. How you can watch him in interviews or past fights and not love him is beyond me.

I want Maia and Edgar to win but I think its a far stretch. Even if one of them wins I will be happy.

As for Bellator.
I am waiting for Filho to fight again. Which I believe is early-mid May. He is amazing I just hope he got his life back on track.
Huerta got to fight a guy that was just way below him in ability. That was to bad to see. I think they are setting it up for him to fight Eddie Alvarez. That should make a really good fight when that happens.


I watched the last Bellator pretty regular(and posted about it). I expect this season to be good with the additions they've made. It's going to be crazy as the season moves further along.

As for UFC 112.....on paper this is the most exciting event in a while. Abu Dhabi....outside arena...ring girls in burkas(lol)...rich Saudis. My picks:

Silva TKO 2nd round
BJ Penn SUB 4th round
Renzo Decision
Etim TKO 2nd round
Munoz KO 1st round
Davis Decision

I will say that I think Maia is going to get embarrassed...I like the guy and he has future,but he's not ready to take Silva's belt. I will be surprised if he gives Silva a fight.

I like Frankie Edgar....he has excellent takedown shots,good boxing skills,and keeps a great pace. All the things needed to beat BJ. He's going to give BJ a fight,but will fall short,imo. Mostly because he's too small for BJ.


what a horse shit main event


how the fuck did one judge give edgar all 5 rounds. bj will be back.


how'd edgar do it? out wrestle him?


A combination of good stick and move boxing technique and a complete lack of aggression by BJ Penn. I would have scored the fight either 48-47 but it wasn't a robbery. I thought the only somewhat-decisive round was Penn in the first and the others were very close. Edgar's constant movement seemed like it frustrated Penn.


hmm well i will have to check it out, too bad bj didnt get a set of judges like lyoto did against rua, nah but really if edgar deserved it i wouldnt want him to get robbed like shogun did.


honestly id be happy with a split or a draw, at least it makes the lw picture more interesting. i dont understand why bj didnt listen to rudy v he should have taken the fight to the ground.


I don't think either Penn can really protest the decision because he didn't go all out to win it. On the flip side, if they had awarded it to Penn, Edgar couldn't have really been upset because I felt like he tried to dance and score points (a smart decision, not going to deny that) instead of ever really trying to finish.

I thought it was an interesting fight between two very skilled guys, but very much missing the intensity that usually marks title fights.


l dont know title bouts as of late have been boring.


I agree with you that title fights are losing there fun. I used to get pumped to see Silva fight and now I honestly ignore his fights. For whatever reason he doesnt wanna finish or attack for the most part. I thought he was back with the way he beat Forrest but I was wrong.

GSP is in the same boat. His style wins and I will never argue how good he is but its not exciting to watch him lay on guys for 5 rounds. He has fallen in love with top control and sticking there. I wish he would finish but as long as he is with Jackson there will be alot of grind out decisions.


I thought Florian-Penn was decent and so was Sanchez-Penn, BJ was just way too good for Diego. I thought Machida-Shogun was a good fight despite the controversial judging and I thought Lesnar-Mir2 was entertaining.

The thing about Silva and GSP is that they need to be challenged. As much as Silva made an ass out of himself, if he wasn't light years ahead of Maia, that would not have happened. Maia had nothing for him and Silva made him (and himself) look like a clown. GSP smothers guys because nobody can test him on the ground and none of their striking puts enough fear into him.

If GSP and Silva fought each other, you wouldn't see Silva doing any of that clown bullshit and GSP would have to take a chance or two to finish on the ground. This fight needs to happen, for nothing other than my entertainment.


Call me crazy but I think the fighter with the best skill set to challenge GSP is Nick Diaz. Sure he got beaten by wreslters early in his career but he was like 21 or 23 years old at the time, he can hold his own standing and on the ground and he's is constantly pressing forward. And does anyone really want to watch Silva Sonnen, the Belfort fight is the only appealing fight at MW for him.


I would rather see Anderson Silva fight the winner of Machida/Shogun. Or maybe one of the other top 205ers. And I would rather see GSP fight at 185 against 1-2 other people before the Silva fight. To get him used to the size difference. Its a big jump and not like boxing where you fight at small increments for weight 15 lbs is alot.

Silva needs to get his ass kicked. maybe not lose but be pushed and barely scrape out a win. Nobody at 185 is doing that lately. I would love for the UFC to get a hold of Mousasi and set him up to fight Silva. 185 right now is just stale. I thought Marquardt was the best chance but he screwed that up.


BJ won that fight it was close but he won.


I believe Frankie Edgar won... I could be wrong though.