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Bellator- Ben Askren Sucks


This dude is so fucking boring it is not even funny. Whenever someone does a glossary of MMA terms, under "lay and pray" there should be a big picture of this dude and his mutant chin. Honestly I thought the UFC had it bad for a short period with some of the wrestlers who grind out a boring ass decision. But this dude is the fucking worst. People call Fitch a boring fighter, but Askren makes Fitch look like a goddamn dynamo.

Even when he is in the most dominant positions possible, his damage output is pathetically low. Should also note that a cursory history check shows he is like one of the very few guys in pro MMA to ever be stood up from the FULL MOUNT. How do you get stood up from the most dominating position possible?

Meanwhile he talks major shit about every other fighter in the sport, especially guys in the UFC. Oh the irony when he calls GSP boring. This dude will never get signed by the UFC and I think he knows it. At least Jake Shields occasionally plays with the idea of trying to finish a fight.


You mad bro?


So mad bro


I got a feelin....i have a feelin someone is going to be kicking him out of his champion spot this year. Dunno who its going to be (obviously I am rooting for my guy), but I just don't see Askren getting his way with his current skill set when I look at some of the people available Sooooo boring.

Damn shame though, he's a good guy, very nice.


He is overrated for sure, still a good fighter though. But they talk about him like he could come to the UFC and take the belt with one hand tied behind his back. He has a long way to go, and plus he's just not that likable in my opinion. Cant see a large fan base getting behind this guy.


I'll agree with this. I saw him win the championship live and he's definitely a quality fighter. But he's nowhere near what they talk abput him as. Boy will never be able to stay up with the top of the UFC as he is currently. However I will say this, he was a really cool dude in person. No entpurage, laid back, just him and his girl relaxing after the fight. I dont think he could get that big of a fan base, but he is great in person.


Ben Askren is a fucking beast and a great fighter he has good mat control and dominates his fights. He is an olympic champion and funky as fuck and weak too but he kicks ass.


Lol definitely NOT an Olympic Champion


He's coming over to the gym I train at in singapore to prepare for his next fight - just thought I'd share that!


Ask him to show you how the best stalling techniques to get stood up from the full mount.


He's going to train at Evolve? Hmmm, they're sure pumping money into the gym bringing names like Aoki and Askren in to do full camps.


You don't understand! He's trying to control! He's saying "I could punch you from here, but I'd kill you, so I'll just hold you instead." That hurts more than any punch. That hurts the soul man.


Rich Franklin is here as well preparing for his fight with Cung Le - irs a pretty cool place to train.


Yeah, I really dislike Askren as a fighter, but having chatted with him briefly after one of his wins, he is a cool person IME. I just hate his fighting style. Although I will say it would be pretty fun to train in a camp with Franklin and him in singapore of all places.

I still think he's way overrated. He'll be exposed soon enough.