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Believe in Climate Change Action or Else! Video

Anyone seen this?

Umm was that a REAL commercial? It appeared to be…but that people who make commercials for public television would think it was appropriate…disturbing.

Just for that, I’m going to throw a tire around a dolphin and burn it.

In Britain they have a saying for what has happened to the country, “the lunatics have taken over the asylum”. The way that saying relates to this video is the video was funded by the British government. The video shows the kind of lunatic mentality that these people have. What makes matters even worse is they bring their insanity to bear on a whole range of issues, besides environmentalism.

Right now the British government is wasting billions, building windmills all over the country that can only produce a fraction of what they are supposed to. The result is energy prices are “necessarily skyrocketing” under this plan. What they aren’t telling the kids in that video is that they are not going to have a future where they live in a first world country because of their policies. Here in America we have like minded lunatics who are going to do the same thing to us.