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Beliefs You Have That No One Suspects You Have

I find great comfort in the logic of mathematics.

I have had to abandon the use of “math” recently after hearing people who know absolutely as little mathematics as humanly possible say, “Do the math,” when it’s simple arithmetic.

There is a branch of mathematics that abhorred in high school (and carried over into college). It is statistics. With only a slide rule and no calculator [I am 72 years old.], it was extremely tedious to calculate standard deviations from even a small data set.

Being assigned to my work’s corporate initiative to embrace Six Sigma company wide. I got another chance at statistics. This time with computer assistance. Standard deviations were nearly instantly calculated. I now strongly embrace statistics. It lacks the precision answers of the mathematics that I grew up loving, so I was a slow sale, but I finally got there.

Even in statistics there is “certainty” within the variation. With a good grounding in statistics you can take your body weight every day (best done same time of day every day, upon waking being best) and not be alarmed from day to day when variation of your weight appears. Don’t worry about the “noise”, look for the “signal.”

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It just makes so much sense once you “get it” (or in my case, have a friend explain it).
As much as I love the humanities, the lack of certainty is disconcerting

Having spent over a decade in law enforcement, most people would not believe I think the FBI is as corrupt as they come. If an agent asked me for the time, I would consult with an attorney before giving an answer. I also think the BATFE should be dissolved unless they shifted to selling discount alcohol, tobacco, firearms, and explosives.

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See, I just assume most people understand most monopolistic government agencies (FBT, ATF, IRS, etc) are rife with corruption…I’m always surprised when people express the opposite view.

To me THOSE people can’t be trusted

Like the difference between a mom&pop operation and Amazon. :rofl:

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I think most people believe the government is looking out for their best interest and can’t imagine it’s likely the opposite.


I always thought most people thought the government just wanted their money. I guess, that I think some parts of government are there for citizen well being, but not all departments.

Surely assigning a singular motive to a large collection of people is a sign that someone can’t be trusted?


Is that some kind of philosophical Gordian knot?

I want to agree with it, but at the same time, if I do I may be guilty of it.

How many other people do this?

I don’t necessarily believe that they are corrupt. More inefficient and wasteful than anything

I believe it is completely unacceptable to visit someone in their home and use their toilet to poop.

There are unavoidable occasions. I understand that but these should be extremely rare occurrences, like having a heart attack in someone else’s house.


What, not even if it’s an overnight visit?

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I think if you invite someone overnight then you are also inviting a toilet visitor. So that gets a pass. Also anyone who is immediate family, in-laws is a 50/50 call.

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It leaves you wide open to become a victim of shit & run.


I agree, although I find it more involuntary. I literally CAN’T poop in others homes unless it’s a relative’s place

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If the situation arises, you find out who your real friends are. There’s a few people who are no longer invited in our home after a few incidents that can only be described as desecration.

Is that how people leave their toilets at home? They just have a panic bathroom cleaning session if someone is coming around?

I heard the convo was about poop and just had to drop in. Also I find it hard to believe people bless me with their poop stories despite me never bringing it up.

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Was that clever or what?


Waiting for a coffee, I overhear one of the people from the group near us announce that they are celibate to their friends. As an middle-age man, you don’t hear this much in your own circle (everyone assumes this is the case :laughing: ) but it did take me back to a younger time.

I believe when someone volunteers this information outside of the context of a discussion about relationships/sexual habits then they are probably the opposite of celibate and playing any one of several weird games.

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Shit & celibacy. That’s a strong foundation for a belief system.

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