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Belgian Blue


DAMN...this is some serious beef. I've seen pictures of the breed before...but seeing it in video is pretty insane. I couldn't imagine standing next to one.


That is like the Clydesdale of cows right there.


They have no myostatin, there breed that way its called double muscle.Although I have never seen one that tall.

Theoretically its possible to do that with humans.





I really want a steak and a burger made out of one right now.




Yeah.....I don't know if it's genetically possible to do it in the lab...but I know it can be a rare trait in humans. Only example that comes to mind is that "super kid" that has been discussed in a few threads.

Reminds of when "myostatin blockers" were the big craze in supplement industry.


milk me sum


We had one of these. Fucking monsters.

Didn't eat it though. The market value is too high.


So are these pretty common in Holland? Europe?


I wouldn't mind riding one of those into battle


As far as I know they're not that common. A cow gave birth and one of these bad boys came out. I haven't seen many other Belgian Blues around here.


We bought a quarter a couple of years ago. I think it was 1/2 Belgian and 1/2 Angus.
This farm is located near Parker, Colorado, about 45 miles from Biotest.



Common here. Pale meat like veal. There are about thirty in a field across the street.


they any good?