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Belgian Blue Jacked Bull



The exceptional muscling is a natural result of over a century of selective breeding. Therefore, it is as natural for a Belgian Blue to develop extreme muscles as it is for a Texas Longhorn to grow horns. It is this increase in muscle mass and definition that is most evident with the Belgian Blue. This directly effects the cutability of the carcass, or simply put the increased amount of meat produced relative to the live weight of the animal. Less evident but equally important is the unique quality of the muscle itself. The muscle fibers of Belgian Blues are both smaller in size (thickness) and shorter in length. This is important to note since a smaller shorter muscle fiber results in more tender meat. Perhaps the most appreciated adaptation is the absence of intramuscular fat. For the health conscious consumer, the Belgian Blue is a dream come true. Belgian Blue is lower in fat, calories, and cholesterol than skinless baked chicken breast. In fact, the USDA average for fat content in beef is 5.4%, and buffalo 2.6%. Phillips Pharms Belgian Blue meat has tested at 0.32% and is high in protein as well. The same natural genetic trait that produces a healthy meat item also creates a moist, tender, flavorful product.