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Belfort vs Bisping

Belfort just cro copped bisping in the second.

Always makes my day to see bisping get KTFO. Nice to see Belfort mixing it up with body/head kicks more. Had him hurt in the end of the first with a head kick too.

Didnt get to see any of the other fights as i was out of the house, anyone else watch?

didn’t get to see it but it never gets old seeing Bisping getting KO’d.

Lots of finishes. Every fight they showed on TV was worth a watch.

[quote]krazylarry wrote:
Lots of finishes. Every fight they showed on TV was worth a watch. [/quote]

Yeah i caught the Dollaway and Gonzaga fights on the replay last night before bed. The Gonzaga fight wasnt particularly interesting in my opinion but the Dollaway fight turned out to be real good. Wasnt impressed after the first round but the second and thirds made for a crazy back-and-forth battle.

And yeah, always great to see Bisping get KO’d. I have a hard time thinking of MW’s that i wouldnt root for against him.

If you didnt catch the main event but want to see Bisping get KTFO, here is a link to the video. Hopefully it stays up for more than a few hours.


What I found interesting was that after the fight Vitor called out Jones and not Anderson (even though Anderson was in the crowd and I’m sure the UFC probably had expected to have a stare down between him and the winner). To me this suggests that Vitor wants no part of Silva, which only serves to leave the middleweight division without a solid #1 contender and kinda makes you wonder why Vitor would want to fight at MW if he didn’t plan on staying there or contending for the belt.

Gonzaga vs Rothwell was just, well, ugly. Rothwell is a perfect example of the old UFC HW division, a big, lumbering, unskilled big guy with a decent chin and decent power in his hands. The fact that Gonzaga beat him doesn’t really mean much in the grand scheme of things, but congrats to him for the win nonetheless.

Dollaway vs Sarafian was probably the most evenly matched fight of the night IMO, but wasn’t the most exciting fight or a great display of skill IMO.

Nurmagomedov looks like he could have serious potential. Looking forward to seeing him fight in the future.

Yeah but Silva blasted Vitor. In Vitor’s mind he almost submitted Jones.

I’m guessing the thought process is his ego is telling him he can take jones with a second shot.

Yeah, I get that. I think he felt pretty much owned by Silva while he was inches away from victory over Jones, I just don’t understand dropping down to middleweight to deny Bisping his title aspirations if he never planned on staying in that division. I understand that he’s a professional and he’s going to take the fight and the money if the UFC offers it to him. But, it just sucks for the title pictures of both divisions to have fighters jumping back and forth and fighting for #1 contender ships if they don’t plan on making use of them. More the UFC’s fault for setting up the fights than the fighters themselves though.

Dana had said previous to this fight that while a victory for Bisping would result in a title shot agains AS, that was not the case for Vitor. Maybe he was simply hoping to avoid having to win another couple fights before a title shot by calling out jones. No way in hell anyone goes for that one though.

All-in-all this was a terrible fight card as far as interesting matchups/good fighters go. I only cared to see the main event. Now looking forward to seeing Aldo and Overeem perform.

Meh… a drop kick could have done that to Bisping. He’s shit and always been shit. Cardio doesn’t make you a ‘fighter’. Fuck him. Needs to knocked out 2 or 3 more times so he can realise having a good V02max means fuck all when someone has a solid fist waiting for your 2 bit brain.

Happy to see the speed and explosiveness of Bardoza but that was a hand me down… meh.

Nurmagomedov is a fucking beast. Always loved him, even before UFC… he wont leave a cunt he wont destroy.

The rest of the night can kiss my ass.

Yeah, seemed like kind of a “gimme” for Bardoza. I didn’t really see anything in the guy who he was fighting’s striking that made it “elite”, even though the announcers kept saying that they were both “elite strikers”. Sucks to be that kid and get fed to the wolves like that, but hopefully the UFC will give him another chance (or couple chances) to show his skills against more evenly matched opposition.

Yeah, the guy didnt belong in the cage with barbosa. Not sure if he belongs in the UFC period, but Edson is a tough pill to swallow for a debut.

I am going to admit that I was rooting for Bisbing after I heard that a Bisbing victory would result in a title shot.

I really want Bisbing to get locked in a cage with Silva. Sometimes I want him to also get herpes, but always I want him to get trapped in a cage with Silva.

I actually thought Belfort looked kind of off up until the kick.

I agree with humble about the rest of the card.

I read Belfort calling out Jones the same way Sentoguy did.


Robert A

I think im the only person who likes Bisping…

[quote]La Flamme wrote:
I think im the only person who likes Bisping…[/quote]

Ack, god, you must be a horrible person.

[quote]La Flamme wrote:
I think im the only person who likes Bisping…[/quote]

Welcome to the forum, Mike!

[quote]Melvin Smiley wrote:

[quote]La Flamme wrote:
I think im the only person who likes Bisping…[/quote]

Welcome to the forum, Mike![/quote]